When The Going Gets Tough

I was searching for some words to fix the title at first. The reason behind is, I have already fixed up few random things to write. I wondered today that it has been almost two months since I posted my last post. And if I don’t write another post within tomorrow, for the first time in last two years there will be a month without an entry in my blog ! I don’t want to let it happen.. LOL

The simplest thing clearly depicts what life I am living. Living in the capital city of Bangladesh, the Dhaka is never less than fighting in a field of war. Weirdly said right? Yeah, I told it as I do feel. What do you feel if you start from your home 1.5 hours before your office time at 8 am in the morning, and you can’t reach in time rather being late half an hour. And more importantly, during holidays you can never make this time more than half an hour anyway to cross the length! And during office days, I stand there on the bus stand for and hour and can’t manage a public transport to board on. The sun is up there, you are moving for each buses coming on the ways closing doors or some are filled up even not sparing an inches on the doors! This is the city life in here! Continue reading “When The Going Gets Tough”