The Quest For Meaning

Many Many times I had asked some questions to me. Which came from some inner deep thoughts, some deepest feelings of unsolvable problems and quest. I was in deep feelings of nothingness in me. It happened quite often in my world of feelings. But truly very little options I got where I had some opportunities to think about those things.

Today, I have watched a very short video clip titled “The Quest For Meaning”. I am amazed that I should say it is one of the most amazing 10 minutes video where I got the thoughts of my quests in life. I know the quest is an urge inside which comes from some more deep sources.

I realize “Ignorance comes our first jail”. To be free, I need to free myself from my EGO. Amazing thinking!! Because, I realize the affects comes from the ego, this is very problematic.

“You don’t know what is freedom,
If you don’t know what discipline is.” ― Tariq Ramadan

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Traveling Light by Mustafa Davis

I got this wonderful video link from facebook and got amazed. It’s amazing! I loved this video. The playing of lights… The colors of light just spellbound me for minutes. I was lost in the lights, the colors and their vibration in my mind. That was an exclusive feeling! The background music and the lyric are also nice!

The video was taken by Mustafa Davis. Being interested, I googled about him and found his website. Here is the link to know about the creator of this video.

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‘The Chosen One’ and My Views

It has been almost a month I haven’t written anything in my blog. I really don’t know why I am in such a block. Anyway, I am sitting here today, determined to write. And so what is it that brought me here typing on my keyboards for something to put up in this long-forgotten blog? Well, it’s a song that really touched me. And this time I felt it’s time I share my feelings with others.

The typical lyrics of the everyday songs we hear do not attract me. “I love you, You love me”…. “I miss you.. you miss me” …. “You have gone… Don’t go away”… these are the most common themes of most of the songs I have listened in my life, or, I would dare say, most of the songs that you would hear in your every day life . Songs for the ‘Broken or sad hearts’, songs for the ‘just-fallen-in-love hearts’ or songs for the ‘happily-ever-after hearts’ are all you would find being played everywhere . Other than patriotic songs, the lyrical part doesn’t touch me that much for these typical songs. But I felt always, the lyrics of a song can ride us to some destination, toward somewhere where the singer wished to drive. It can be the feelings of the singer’s heart or whatever.

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The Way Chinese Multiply

This post is to share a video that impressed me. I got this one shared in facebook and liked it much. This is about how the Chinese multiplies. We all have learned multiplication in a general and traditional way. But this is interesting and sweet! Completely different style and I liked it!

Here it goes. See it if you are interested like me! 😛