My Irregularity: Laziness or Else?

think I am not a good blogger. For last few days, everyday I had a wish to write on a specific matter… but for some unknown reasons, I couldn’t make any way out…. can’t make my wishes to a reality….

I am completely a lazy boy with very little enthusiasm.. 😦
Is it? 😯 I am not sure actually… because, I am going with some problems and busyness 😦
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Call of The Sea

I am very excited for the upcoming tour of my life. this is the only tour administratively supported by the university.

In our undergrad studies of 4 years, it will be the only tour, all our 45 friends along with teachers. Just after 3 hours, we gonna board on bus for 10 days journey named as ‘Study Tour’. We will go to several natural historical places and some technical places as part of the ‘study’ 😀 Our tour will be within the country, and believe me, I am very much glad when I am thinking of it!

**** dreamy dreamy*****

I want to tell my blog buddies that I will miss you during this time. May be I won’t be in blog from 16 Nov to 8 Dec… 😦
Sigh….. 😯 Long a month! After this tour, our EID vacation would start… and therefore, I would stay in my home without the computer (it will be in my dorm) 😦

But trust me, as I am obsessed to blogging these days, can’t wait to reply seeing a comment in blogs, can’t wait to comment in a new post by you…. I will be back whenever any possible chance would come…

So, wish me and never think that I am far away of you. I will remember you lots of times during these days… everyday… Just pray to Almighty, so that I could come back alive with good health among you after thousands of miles journey 🙂

Am gonna share some photos of the places where are we going in next few days. I have collected them from the internet. And hopefully, I would share you some snaps of those beautiful places which will be taken by me!

Lastly, I beg your prayer and wishes. Will be missing you……
See you again!

Teknaf Road

What I could remember, It was the month of october in 2003 when I had a tour to Cox’s Bazar and Teknaf. I was in class Eleven and the tour was the ‘excursion’ for our batch!

I took some snaps while we were going to the Technaf from the cox’s bazar. It was an exciting road indeed! The narrow road through the hills, canals….

I took all the photos using my “non-digital” camera!! 😦
That’s why they are not that attractive as it should be. The roads can make anybody nostalgic. The famous song was just going inside my head:

Country road, take me home,
Country road…

way to tecnaf 5

The river in the photo is the “Naaf”, which flows from the Bangladesh to Mayanmar. This river is treated as the intermediate river between the two countries.

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