Viva Forever

People live on many other things, and I live in memories. Strangely yeah, I love moments when it is my past. It has become a big truth because these days I love very few moments by heart. I just live.

Beyond any thinking, few of my old memories are lightening to my vision, I love to live in them. A song of “Spice Girls” is one of those sweet memories — “viva forever”. I was too young when I first listened to this song. I came back from school, my fresh memories captured the sweet synchronization of the voices of Victoria and her team. The more attractive were the lyric. I was spelled with the whole track.

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I’m Sorry

I can remember the sunrises which I observed for the sake of sunrise. I can also remember those moments while I traveled hundreds of miles to see a sunset. Sun sets and sun rises, man get birth and man dies. Nothing stops for anything. Neither my life, nor my feelings.

It has been years after years, excitements, dreams and aspirations are just the words of my archives. I’ve kept them carefully in a locker. Sometimes I open it and see them up. I can see nothing perturbed their flows, they were there, they are. But it is the time which has flown miles away….

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Do You Remember

“Our life is a gift. A gift from Allah”. I heard the sentence from my brothers and sisters a lot in my life. But the realization comes on its own way in these days. I really feel the shiny and finest parts of life and at the same time the cruel and harsh essence of life. But above all, this is a life, once in a lifetime, once for a soul!

I am writing on this blog after more than 3 months. Just before last post in September, I never missed to post a blog at least once in a month during my 2 years of blogging. It clearly shows how changes I had to bring in my lifestyle, in my thoughts of life. I’m not going to explain those tough days because it will just bring the bad feelings in my heart again. I just wanna share that those days are over by the grace of Allah. Life is such, tough days, sweet days. Mixed with many many emotions and feelings. But out of them all, the essence of life is to remember the Almighty out of all bad and good moments as we have to go back to Him after our death, which is an inevitable part of a human life!

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‘The Chosen One’ and My Views

It has been almost a month I haven’t written anything in my blog. I really don’t know why I am in such a block. Anyway, I am sitting here today, determined to write. And so what is it that brought me here typing on my keyboards for something to put up in this long-forgotten blog? Well, it’s a song that really touched me. And this time I felt it’s time I share my feelings with others.

The typical lyrics of the everyday songs we hear do not attract me. “I love you, You love me”…. “I miss you.. you miss me” …. “You have gone… Don’t go away”… these are the most common themes of most of the songs I have listened in my life, or, I would dare say, most of the songs that you would hear in your every day life . Songs for the ‘Broken or sad hearts’, songs for the ‘just-fallen-in-love hearts’ or songs for the ‘happily-ever-after hearts’ are all you would find being played everywhere . Other than patriotic songs, the lyrical part doesn’t touch me that much for these typical songs. But I felt always, the lyrics of a song can ride us to some destination, toward somewhere where the singer wished to drive. It can be the feelings of the singer’s heart or whatever.

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Wake Me Up When September Ends

This is November. Four days has been passed in this month already. August, September, October gone…. and it’s November! I urged to wake me up when September ends, nobody did that!! I had been out of everything. I couldn’t manage me to do few works that should had to be fulfilled. Time goes on….

Time never waits for us. I wished to emancipate myself from the prison of my ‘no enthusiasm’. I am sitting numb and looking around, time is going on… and on…. People over the earth are changing their life-styles, but I am not. I am in such a subtle condition that I couldn’t create anything to change this state. This is the time for which I had been anticipated so long… but what have I done? Nothing!!

I can only repent– the September ended, nobody called me up. Nobody Woke me up…. I am just remembering the song by Greenday… the lyric is touching me… Really. I don’t know how could I do the impossible to possible. Should I hide myself from this world. How long I would keeping on being defeated? How long? I have lost to achieve anything in life….
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You Feel Up My Senses

There are few songs in this earth, that touches the heart.. that speaks about the feelings. I don’t know why, the “Annie’s Song” touches me much. The words in the song…. the slow and melodious tone, music… and the lyric! the lyric! … everything in it… I love so much. It makes me feel some emotions….

You fill up me senses like a night in the forest
Like the mountains in springtime, like a walk in the rain
Like a storm in the desert, like a sleepy blue ocean
You fill up my senses come fill me again.

See!! How beautiful it sounds! how romantic! šŸ™‚
I love it from the first time I heard the song, may be just 5 years back…. But today I have managed few moments to pay tribute to the song šŸ˜‰
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Late Goodbye

Don’t know how to express the feelings… but thing is, I am shocked. A shock that is not based one something very serious… not based on something seriously related to my life… though it is a shock– the shock of supporting in FIFA world cup 2010…

When I learned to watch football, it was 1994 World cup in USA. I loved to support Brazil that year following my elder brother. I was too young to choose any team to support in that age. But while I supported a random team and became champion, it captured my emotions and since then, I started to support this south American team– Brazil. “Ordem e progresso” which is Order and Progress.
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