Eye Illusions

The other day, one of my friend sent me a link of a website. It was full of images. And they were containing some quiz checking the brain ability. I loved them.

I wished to share 4 of those interesting images here. You know, I could avail very little time in these days for blogging, though I want to share something interesting with my blog buddies.

I wish someday I will be back among you on this blog-o-sphere smiling and in a happy mood… I am just waiting for that moment…. But for now, its over 😛 See the images below and if you like them for a moment even, I will be glad 😀

Acknowledgment: All the photos I have used in this post are taken from the site Brain Den

Watch this Structure, interesting.. right? 😀

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Can’t Believe To Leave

If everything is okay, only two more weeks to stay in the campus. Thesis presentation is scheduled on 10th April. After then, some more correction of it. Then final result publishing within a week. And then? We won’t be allowed (!!) to stay in the campus, in the dormitory…

Sigh!! This is life….. Once you are in, you are welcomed greatly. Once you are out, no place for you to live….
We are going to be graduate. And the student life is going to be over. Don’t know why, hours ago, while I was walking down the streets in the campus I became emotional. The road is shaded by the trees, I was smelling the sweet fragrance of flowers from the garden of dormitory, and I felt pain in heart..
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When I Am Glorified!

L ast evening was my most memorable time of university life. Such moments makes me feel good, prompts me to think that I have something inside which is celebrated by people, which can be something to live with! It was the prize giving ceremony of ‘Inter-Hall Cultural Festival 2009’.
I wrote about my participation in this Cultural Fest on The world is too much with us. This Cultural fest has brought a different dimension to our KUET (Khulna University of Engineering and Technology), we are delighted!

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Teknaf Road

What I could remember, It was the month of october in 2003 when I had a tour to Cox’s Bazar and Teknaf. I was in class Eleven and the tour was the ‘excursion’ for our batch!

I took some snaps while we were going to the Technaf from the cox’s bazar. It was an exciting road indeed! The narrow road through the hills, canals….

I took all the photos using my “non-digital” camera!! 😦
That’s why they are not that attractive as it should be. The roads can make anybody nostalgic. The famous song was just going inside my head:

Country road, take me home,
Country road…

way to tecnaf 5

The river in the photo is the “Naaf”, which flows from the Bangladesh to Mayanmar. This river is treated as the intermediate river between the two countries.

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