On LOGAN: The Good bye from Hugh Jackman

After watching Logan, it is not recommended from me, I feel. I mean, though all those x-men series movies are generally all the same, this one has got too much intense scenes and also profanity; the use of certain words were not so comfortable during the watch. The kid Laura even beheaded people. There are fighting scenes like of savages. These things have effect on people in this modern world. I am deeply concerned regarding these widespread brutality in movies and news channels. They are intoxicating people by making them desensitized, day by day.

Well, the end of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine is tragic to fans. He had a nice time in X-men movies. but this movie of Marvel Entertainment has got much (!!) emotions that they usually are devoid of. There was a tone of ‘death off Wolverine’ in the whole movie. At least, I sat to watch deadpool and had to retreat out of it’s high profanity level.

There was a philosophy in the end and in the middle with deaths of Charles and Logan. Life is such. no matter how awesome we serve in young age, there will be weakness in old age. we need meaning of our life, on our own explanations.