Do You Remember

“Our life is a gift. A gift from Allah”. I heard the sentence from my brothers and sisters a lot in my life. But the realization comes on its own way in these days. I really feel the shiny and finest parts of life and at the same time the cruel and harsh essence of life. But above all, this is a life, once in a lifetime, once for a soul!

I am writing on this blog after more than 3 months. Just before last post in September, I never missed to post a blog at least once in a month during my 2 years of blogging. It clearly shows how changes I had to bring in my lifestyle, in my thoughts of life. I’m not going to explain those tough days because it will just bring the bad feelings in my heart again. I just wanna share that those days are over by the grace of Allah. Life is such, tough days, sweet days. Mixed with many many emotions and feelings. But out of them all, the essence of life is to remember the Almighty out of all bad and good moments as we have to go back to Him after our death, which is an inevitable part of a human life!

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Bangladeshi Tigers Roar!

Bangladesh has always been a wonderful soil for the support of cricket. Since my childhood, I have seen all the people around my life were crazy for watching, supporting the cricket. Indian, Pakistani supports were all around. But while the own team started to play something bigger to hope, the supporters of Bangladesh cricket team started to wait eagerly fro bigger successes.

Mills bowled and that confirms 4-0 defeat of NZ

It was 1997, I still remember very clearly as I was a boy of class five, when Bangladesh first got the ‘entry’ to play in the World Cup cricket tournament. That was the gigantic approach to uphold the local cricket enthusiasm. The whole country were under the color of red and green, each and everyone were excited with joys like anything. I tell you again, every soul of this land were in the joys of achieving ‘something’ for their cricket. And it is continuing…. In every match, the supporters keep their keen eyes for the scores, for the performances of the players. Don’t know where on earth almost 100 percent people can have so much craze for cricket starting from local cricket to internationals… from supporting Bangladesh, India to Australia, South Africa… Really, Bangladesh has become the land of cricket ! 🙂

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EID and ONE YEAR of My Scribbling

It is a long break again. Don’t know why I often make it, or may be I should say I couldn’t make any way out to post something out of my busy days… Or may be I couldn’t make any sudden thought to write on.


All my brothers and sisters are now at home, to enjoy the moments together. Together with Mom, Dad, brothers, sisters, my little nephew and niece. And you know guys, there is no end of happiness of togetherness! and I am glad! Thanks God to bless me with these sweet moments!:D

This time I am taking the privilege to wish you all a nice EID. A long month of fasting is passed. And it is the time to enjoy the blessings of Allah. Along with the Muslims, the wishes are for all. and I am wishing

EID MUBARAK to you all

At the same time I have just discovered that it has been ONE YEAR since I started my blogging! I opened this ‘Lights and Shadows’ blog in wordpress named as ‘Expressions Unbound’ on 3rd September 2009.

Since then, I have been expressing my views, sharing my feelings over here. It has turned to a source of my inspirations in many times. The communication with other bloggers, the relation with them on this virtual world has made me feel good. Not only good, I should say that I felt special for them.

One year anniversary of my blogging

I have been reading blogs of my dearest blog buddies who all mean a lot to me. Their blogs are exciting and entertaining as well. But those who are with me from the very beginning of my blogging life, are more precious to me!
I feel I should say few names here:
Reema, Solilo, Sheetal, Elegant Chic, Swaram, Titaxy, Laskhmi, Rashmi, Matt Parkar, Saritha, Dew, Masood, Nupur, Pins n Ashes, Chatterbox, Psych Babbler.

I could feel how great a relation has been made up with all of them. Those, whose name I’ve stated, are staying beside me from the very beginning of my blogging. They have inspired me. That is why, I am here now. At least I am still continuing writing and scribbling. I know I do not write on important topics, my writings are not anything special. But I am on this blog-o-sphere. And I will be with them always I hope. I love reading them 🙂

Thank you again guys! I am grateful to you all. I am remembering you all on this occasion.

And yeah, I found that there are many visitors in my blog, who come along, read and then go away without notifying or commenting. These people are the precious visitors. But it would have been better if they would leave comment!

Another thing, just right now– visitor counter of my blog is


Yayyy!! 😀 That is a wonderful achievement! I am glad to reach this landmark! So, I have stated three wonderful occasions in this post. Precious post by the way! 😉

Cheers guys! Wishing you all the best and Eid Greetings again!! 😀

Agony of being helpless

(this emotional outcome was written by me more than two months ago, on 24 April, 2010. Didn’t publish it then because of some “frightening” stuffs– fears of being “revenged” !!)

I should be glad today… and my joys should know no bound!! But I am not!! strange!! I think there are few reasons….

I have got ‘A’ grade in my thesis.. This thesis has given me pain through-out the year…. I had to stand outside my supervisor’s room for hours each day I visited him…. I had to stay in the Lab after the exam the whole one and half month while very few of my mates were found there…. And I completed according to my supervisor wished.. Interesting is, we were two in the group of thesis, and the other member of my group was marked A+
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I Am a Graduate Now!!

And at last…..

( sigh of relief…..)

The long journey that I started on 6 March, 2006 has come to an end. Day before yesterday, 22 April 2010 my undergrad result was published and I passed!! I am an engineer now!! 😀 😀

A landmark that I have stepped in, is the one, which comes just once in a life… >A landmark it is, while no other could blame me that I am not any qualified person.. I am no more a bullshit!! 😉

I should be glad today… and my joys should know no bound!!
But I am not in that scale!! There are few reasons…. I will expose them later on….

I had been sobbing several times since the publication of the result, with the feeling that “AT LAST I MADE IT !! ” and “IN TIME!! “…. once I thought that it would never be possible to finish up….

But the thing is… whatever it is.. I have crossed the barrier.. and I am a graduate now! I am glad… I am glad… Yayyy!! 😀 😀 😀

Helpless Times

Writing after many days again…. And traditionally I am being the type of blogger who is irregular… I know, this is not the thing I wish to be! But I am having no other ways to do!
At the same time, it is not the fact that I am not having thoughts or opinions, or nothing to share with my blog buddies or the readers… Rather, many things are happening in my life, that are awaiting to be expressed through the words over here….

But I am in a problem…. I am now living at my home… Left my desktop in my university dormitory. So I am to come to the cyber cafe to write something!

My university is having crucial times.. the ‘nasty’ politics of my country has gripped even the university campuses… The furious supporters (students) of a political party had beaten up some students of another supporting side…. due to some very silly things….

I just had to stay few days there.. to submit my Thesis report finally to my supervisor (as thesis is done successfully already)
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Can’t Believe To Leave

If everything is okay, only two more weeks to stay in the campus. Thesis presentation is scheduled on 10th April. After then, some more correction of it. Then final result publishing within a week. And then? We won’t be allowed (!!) to stay in the campus, in the dormitory…

Sigh!! This is life….. Once you are in, you are welcomed greatly. Once you are out, no place for you to live….
We are going to be graduate. And the student life is going to be over. Don’t know why, hours ago, while I was walking down the streets in the campus I became emotional. The road is shaded by the trees, I was smelling the sweet fragrance of flowers from the garden of dormitory, and I felt pain in heart..
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