Eye Illusions

The other day, one of my friend sent me a link of a website. It was full of images. And they were containing some quiz checking the brain ability. I loved them.

I wished to share 4 of those interesting images here. You know, I could avail very little time in these days for blogging, though I want to share something interesting with my blog buddies.

I wish someday I will be back among you on this blog-o-sphere smiling and in a happy mood… I am just waiting for that moment…. But for now, its over :P See the images below and if you like them for a moment even, I will be glad :D

Acknowledgment: All the photos I have used in this post are taken from the site Brain Den

Watch this Structure, interesting.. right? :D

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Embedding NP Complete Problem In Restaurant Order

his cartoon is specially shared for my Computer Engineering friends, they can understand the humor in here ;) For others? I’m sorry :(

Pardon me for this time :P Next time I would post for all :mrgreen:

I am grateful to Sheetal Apu as I have collected this thing from her blog :D , without permiossion! :roll:
I am not worried because she won’t mind :D (I think) :cool: Lotta thanks sis :)

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