Living In Nightmares Everyday

I am just in the office. This is not a high time to write a blog. But I am so deeply disturbed, pained and just mad for my life in a city that I am bound to sit down to pen few words; taking few times from my boss to cool me down. I am so immensely disgraced by my city life in Dhaka. I can’t believe we are still living on this city which is hectic and pathetic too!

Dhaka, is our city, the capital city of Bangladesh. More than 20 Million people live in this area of 360 square kilometers. Officially [according to Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics report] it is said that 7 Million people are living in this city, But I am sure, it is never less than 20 Million. Everyday the number is increasing. Dhaka is the example of the mono-centric urbanization (dunno whether this term really exist, I’m writing as I feel). Everything has been set up in this city. Loads of population, no planning, no initiative. This cannot work. This simply can’t go on this way!

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Bangladeshi Tigers Roar!

Bangladesh has always been a wonderful soil for the support of cricket. Since my childhood, I have seen all the people around my life were crazy for watching, supporting the cricket. Indian, Pakistani supports were all around. But while the own team started to play something bigger to hope, the supporters of Bangladesh cricket team started to wait eagerly fro bigger successes.

Mills bowled and that confirms 4-0 defeat of NZ

It was 1997, I still remember very clearly as I was a boy of class five, when Bangladesh first got the ‘entry’ to play in the World Cup cricket tournament. That was the gigantic approach to uphold the local cricket enthusiasm. The whole country were under the color of red and green, each and everyone were excited with joys like anything. I tell you again, every soul of this land were in the joys of achieving ‘something’ for their cricket. And it is continuing…. In every match, the supporters keep their keen eyes for the scores, for the performances of the players. Don’t know where on earth almost 100 percent people can have so much craze for cricket starting from local cricket to internationals… from supporting Bangladesh, India to Australia, South Africa… Really, Bangladesh has become the land of cricket ! šŸ™‚

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