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How I started blogging

I am showing my heartfelt gratitude to my Almighty, whose showers of blessings is going to make my dream comes true. The dream of a blog, of my own! 🙂 This blog is my attempt to express me in English. Once I saw my sister, Sheetal Apu, to do this job, blogging; from that day I had a dream that once I shall do the same work. It’s an attempt to improve my thinking-ability and to express me in English. To express one’s feeling through in writing is a tough work, no doubt. If it in foreign language? It becomes tougher.

But the interesting part is, here I have the independence here to write whatever I would like to! I am doing this blogging apart from my engineering studies. I think my this blog will portray my thoughts, interests and views in different things around my life.

I am not a serious blogger like many others. I blog for the purpose of just to read and to write. As I like to know others opinions, read their writings– I have come for blogging. Similarly, I would place posts only on those things that interests me…. 🙂

03 September, 2009


This blog is purely personal. Never used for any kinds of financial interests. The photos and information provided here are taken from various resources from the internet. Photos used on this blog are mostly taken by permissions of their owners if copyright is there. Though, mistakes might be there and if proper authority tells me about that, I would remove it then and then.


38 thoughts on “The Blog”

  1. So, here I am to greet you in your new blog (as you expected 🙂 ). Like your Bangla blog keep this one live too. You have another blog in blogspot, right? 😉

    All the best! Carry on!!

    1. Tanim vai,
      I would try to make it live as long as I could.
      Thanks for visiting my blog. Ya, I have another one in blogspot, that consists of a tutorial only 😀

  2. Welcome to blog world!

    It really helps you to have a way to express your thoughts and your stories. As human, we love to share our happiness and sadness and blogging is a great way of doing it 🙂

    Happy Blogging!

    1. Wow!!
      you just made me overjoyed!! 😀 😀
      Yah… I’m trying to do something.. to share my opinions and views over here.
      Please be here 🙂

  3. well, first time in here too. it’s a good blog.

    fond to read more, so be more serious and write more often will you ? *wink-wink* 😉 kidding kidding…


  4. Now this is so totally TRUE about me. I am such a non-serious blogger that I hardly write anything 😀 I just get bored with continuity. 😛

    And seeing that your “dream of having a blog” has extended to such limits that you have 2 more blogs! I personally feel.. either you need to revise your sentence about being a carefree blogger or maybe I need to change my glasses kaa number. 😛

    Jeez! People these days are so utterly “humble” aren’t they. 😀

    1. Ahemm! Ahemm! 😀
      Actually it’s not that humbleness.. ‘ONCE’ I had dream of having ‘a blog’. But later, it has turned to my passion, my obsession. And now I have 5 blog (two others are in Bangla)

      You don’t need glass, Aiman! this is “How I started blogging”… and things have been changed in a year already! 🙂

  5. yea i always wonder how it would be like to blog in a second must be hard…but most people do an amazing job…heck it feels sometimes like i dont know english myself!…
    anyway cute blog .

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