we distract ourselves from the unpleasant truths

when somehow you manage to see old posts of 2008-2009 in facebook and find many of them those persons you interacted are not even alive; some of them haven’t come before your eyes for half a decade. No matter how good was your relationship with people, they are living life of theirs, you yours. you could feel how fragile this life is. you could feel the whole world is truly an illusion. nothing, literally nothing is yours.

we distract ourselves from the unpleasant truths often. but in the end, nothing matters. once our personal diaries used to remind us many things of the past, now facebook does it in horrific way. nothing will remain, neither you and I. yet we cry out of our attachments to these things. A fake ‘respect/esteem’ in front of people is our need. But nothing will remain, no ‘pride’, no asset, nothing. only we, our souls are true. in our very solitude it comes to its real face. tough to accept, yet it is it.


Author: mahmud faisal

Yet another ephemeral human being...

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