​one of the keys to have a true ‘life’ is patience. because anything on earth takes time to grow, to happen. a tree is a tree since the first day of its seed is planted. but it takes a very fixed amount of time to be a tree with branches, leaves and fruits. the whole world has its own set of rules for anything to be happened. we might feel that we should achieve anything in life too fast because we want it. but in reality it can’t be. so, to make anything happen, to reach in success from failure, to cure from sickness, we are to be have patience even after doing right things. in the era of Internet, social networks, extreme show of possessions we fail to realize that it takes time for anything to reach in a complete state. A child should stay nine months in mother’s womb. premature products aren’t well functioning in most cases. so, we need patience in every aspects of life to live. And we need to accept it to our heart. All great men has an incredible quality named ‘patience’. in other word, none can be great without patience. #theAuraOfLife


Author: mahmud faisal

Yet another ephemeral human being...

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