Bad times are inevitable 

​We go through bad times. Bad times are inevitable for everyone. In fact, bad times are true part of life. And there is other phase, which is, not bad time. which we consider as good time. As there isn’t continuous hardship, we feel good in that phase, sometimes are obsessed with that ‘not bad’ phase. But in reality, without hardship, nothing is achieved. To reach 5th floor, we are to go through upstairs, stepping every step up against the gravity, burning calories. Even to reach at door, we are to take pains, hardships. Life is all about this, anything we get is through hardship. On the other hand, whenever we go through hardship, we should feel that  am pretty close to some ‘achievements’ which could be physical, intellectual, spiritual, emotional. We need to be ‘okay’ with bad times. They are gems. #TheAuraOfLife


Author: mahmud faisal

Yet another ephemeral human being...

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