beauty of living in sufferings

​going through distresses and pains is beautiful in many ways. because, it is a state that makes people aware of what he is, what he has, who are his close to heart. being in sufferings has its inner power to grow one strong, compassionate, loving and kind. he can hope for peace and even when he suffers less, recovers from the state; it’s a happiness itself!

on the contrary, the sad part of being in ‘happiness’ is constantly being in fear of losing that seamless happy state. this fear of being on happiness makes people greedy, selfish, rude, heartless, unemphatic. he needs to hold more money, power to keep the ‘happy’ state anyway no matter what happens to other for that. 

craving for happiness is a fragile approach. rather living in peace can be objective. even in time deepest sufferings, one can find peace in heart. he can live solemnly, calmly when he knows peace can never be taken away by external anything. therefore, all great personalities on earth did not live a ‘happy’ life but they had done something that caused ‘happiness’ for plenty. 

let us not confuse the very notion of ‘happiness’ and ‘peace’ in our life to attain.


Author: mahmud faisal

Yet another ephemeral human being...

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