I might have lost my ability to write

For I might have lost my ability to write. Last few weeks, I tried to scribble some words off but I failed. It happened to me so many times since I started writing on personal diaries and blogs a decade ago. But this time it is too damn hard feeling, nothing was like this before. I know probably this is another phase of a “writer’s life”. Probably I won’t try to write in future. Everything has an end; and my writings are probably in here…

Even in it, I found a deep philosophy of life. Life goes on, no matter which power rules on earth, how much technological advancement covers the lives of human races, no matter what are the achievements of people around us…

Life goes on. Time flies like we can never imagine how we almost have spent most of the times of our lives. sometimes we might now find any answer asking ourselves that what was the true achievement of this WHOLE life?

More often, it doesn’t matter what we write. not always the thoughts that are deep, the feelings that are crude can be transferred to others. to be true, there is no rule on earth. we are given free space, free will, free choice to do and pick whatever we like. I have seen that everywhere the rules are for very mean aspects, the greater is in the violations of them.

In fact, we all rush ourselves to somewhere, we desperately desire for things that weren’t and won’t be there for long. yet, we probably do not know what we go through. this is not a writing even! when so many works and tests are plied up and there is no scope to breathe out of this hard time in our present urban life in Dhaka, this is natural.

Life is too short to do anything with passion and all sincerity.
Life is fragile.

19 April, 2016


Author: mahmud faisal

Yet another ephemeral human being...

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