Abilities and Achievements

When I study or work much, I realize i never studied the disciplines i feel really awesome in. I am always away from things of my expertise as I often feel it. I never managed to use my maximum in my studies or in other efforts. This is not because I’m holding excuses of self failures, but it’s just because I’m ashamed of my guts and unemployment of my skills and abilities.

I believe there are thousands of others guys in our education system who are going through the same. They are living other’s choices in life, doing things without pleasure in works.

Life is full of choices, challenges that either kills us or make us heroes.

There is no absolute scale that can measure things on earth perfectly. Little we see and realize, the greater is unseen, unbelievable, unbearable for human heart and mind….


Author: mahmud faisal

Yet another ephemeral human being...

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