Old Vibes

I was reading a wonderful letter written by John Keats named ‘To Fanny Brawne‘. It is wonderful. There are emotions in the words of the letter. A love that can be felt while we read. Isn’t that amazing?

I find it amazing. I know what he wrote is ‘his’ emotions, yes! But when I read it, I find it powerful and it is my own emotional power that shivers me! actually, that gave me a feeling that we actually see the world as our own reflection. When we find something amazing, it is because we have a heart that feels the amazing things.

But when I was reading Keats, I just remember my old days in college life. I first became champion in Poetry Recitation competition of life by reciting ‘Ode On A Grecian Urn’ by John Keats. At the same time I felt the powerful vibe in me. The power of the Teenage, the power of innocence that reminded me that I used to be so hopeful and optimist for anything I used to plan for doing.

The old vibe just empowered me. I wish to excel it even. Life is all about living. We often just survive. Even surviving is a great news. But when we live our lives, that is better. Nothing actually matters for the earth. What we do, is for our own.

I am writing after many days. May be this isn’t anything much to write. Yet, I felt the power of emotion and enthusiasm of the youth which is full of innocence. And yes, innocence is power. The more we are closer to innocence, the more we are away from the guilt and sins, the more powerful our inner soul become. Thank you my Lord, for such a wonderful day in my life!


Author: mahmud faisal

Yet another ephemeral human being...

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