When Dreams Come True

I have seen most of the people I knew personally in life, have found their dreams came true. Many of their accomplishments on facebook updates shows that they have touched landmarks once they wished to reach.

May be, with time, with other thousands of incidents in life they have forgotten that they should have been among the happiest people all over the world. But in fact, as I have found, definitely most of them are not happy from deep inside.

May be we all are like this….. Ungrateful, unhappy, unsatisfied by our nature. May our Lord forgive us. May Allah have mercy on us. May Allah show us the straight path ..


Author: mahmud faisal

Yet another ephemeral human being...

One thought on “When Dreams Come True”

  1. Yes. You are right. We are thankless people. We are greedy. And we are forgetful. We never stop wishing for what we don’t have. And we never acknowledge what we do.

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