Axioms From My Life


Everyone has some realizations in life, so do I. In my life from different experiences in different times I have come up with few thoughts from realizations. May be all of them or most of them are said by thousands, but these are my thoughts from my own experiences. I wished to store them in my blog for me and people I love. I really love philosophy and philosophical texts give me pleasure in reading.


When I plan, it fails
Again I plan, it fails,
At last, I don’t plan; I fail.

2. To gain tranquility in heart, it’s important to develop the inner self first. so that it prevents us from selfishness and ego.

3. One of the important characteristics of the society in my eyes is, it is holding a minimum stability in relations, bondage, care because of the pathetic, awkward middle class psychology and sentiments that fight within to change anything, doing anything different.

4. For every mistake you do ‘TO YOU’ in your life, you will ‘HAVE TO’ repent at least once.

5. If you are searching for peace, then spread ‘Love’ rather not spreading ‘hate’ among people. spreading love will give you peace at least.

6. In life, at a point while you have nothing more to lose, in that very moment whatever little thing you receive is actually a gain, a success.

7. Common sense has got no scale to measure. it creates the set of behavior depending on someone’s self-esteem along with the knowledge of other people’s acceptance in a society. Who doesn’t have those two abilities, lacks in common sense which is essential for a social living. #Realization

8. We have lost the ‘sensitivity of perfection’ about purifying our hearts and employed them all in entertaining devices.

9. Being skeptical is being ruined #Realization

10. Please! don’t be judgmental on any other people so #easily , because you have never lived their lives. May be they had some toughest times in life that they never expressed.

11. There are more things beyond eye-sight

12. You have to give up to grow up.

13. Where I smell unnecessary complicated attitudes in people, I just stay away from them… a single life is too much to handle such problems…

14. Get the fresh air, be the simple as best as you can be!

15. Please don’t spread hate if you can’t spread love. Love people.. you will be loved back..

16. There is no too bad news until you die. death is the worst.

17. Loneliness is often a bliss. It reveals you to yourself more and more. unveiling own dark portions to self is important to be a better human being.

18. I remember the advice, if u can’t do good to people, at least don’t harm them. You can thus leave this world better when you will depart.

19. If you are confident in all your opinions and thoughts in a day, probably you are an ignorant and arrogant idiot on this earth.

20. We have many infections in heart. We can’t find them until we are consciously aware of our heart and ponder upon it in our solitude.

21. Time heals every unseen wounds.

22. Every life is incomparable with the others.

23. Emotions are temporary, damages are permanent


Author: mahmud faisal

Yet another ephemeral human being...

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