I’m Sorry

I can remember the sunrises which I observed for the sake of sunrise. I can also remember those moments while I traveled hundreds of miles to see a sunset. Sun sets and sun rises, man get birth and man dies. Nothing stops for anything. Neither my life, nor my feelings.

It has been years after years, excitements, dreams and aspirations are just the words of my archives. I’ve kept them carefully in a locker. Sometimes I open it and see them up. I can see nothing perturbed their flows, they were there, they are. But it is the time which has flown miles away….

I know there are moments which I never expect, nor I expected. They comes to my life. I can’t but face them. I am feeling the words of the song by John Denver titled by “I’m Sorry”. Really I’m sorry for myself. I am what I have become. I am what I had to be. I contributed very less. I could have grew up somewhere else, I could have seen some other person as Idol, I could have read some other books in my life, I could have got some other people as my friends, I could have faced some other incidents in my life.

Very less I contributed, very much I have received. The melancholic hours are parts of life. I’m often scratched with some emotions. I sit stuck, I grab my heart, I wipe my tears. I remember those days when I was convicted as ‘weak’. I am sorry I am weak, I am sorry I am not granted. I am sorry for myself.

I live my life, I have to live. I really find no meaning to do so many things in life and to grab so many enjoyments and so much of the money to rejoice. Though I know, the calculations are otherwise. Everybody counts on the money.

I know today I am here on earth, any day I will not be in here. This is really too short time to live in earth. Now it’s time for John Denver, to render the song with him — “I’m Sorry”…

It’s cold here in the city
It always seems that way
And I’ve been thinking about you almost everyday
Thinking about the good times
Thinking about the rain
Thinking about how bad it feels alone again

I’m sorry for the way things are in china
I’m sorry things ain’t what they used to be
But more than anything else
I’m sorry for myself
cause you’re not here with me

Our friends ask all about you
I say you’re doing fine
And I expect to hear from you almost anytime
But they all know I’m crying
I can’t sleep at night
They all know I’m dying down deep inside

I’m sorry for all the lies I told you
I’m sorry for the things I didn’t say
But more than anything else
I’m sorry for myself
I can’t believe you went away

I’m sorry if I took some things for granted
I’m sorry for the chains I put on you
But more than anything else
I’m sorry for myself
For living without you

Lyric: John Denver, Song: I’m Sorry


Author: mahmud faisal

Yet another ephemeral human being...

3 thoughts on “I’m Sorry”

  1. Your thoughts are beautiful, but they are sad. Still, in moments when we are alone with nobody but our self, it is better to lay our heart open rather than living in a lie…

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