The Quest For Meaning

Many Many times I had asked some questions to me. Which came from some inner deep thoughts, some deepest feelings of unsolvable problems and quest. I was in deep feelings of nothingness in me. It happened quite often in my world of feelings. But truly very little options I got where I had some opportunities to think about those things.

Today, I have watched a very short video clip titled “The Quest For Meaning”. I am amazed that I should say it is one of the most amazing 10 minutes video where I got the thoughts of my quests in life. I know the quest is an urge inside which comes from some more deep sources.

I realize “Ignorance comes our first jail”. To be free, I need to free myself from my EGO. Amazing thinking!! Because, I realize the affects comes from the ego, this is very problematic.

“You don’t know what is freedom,
If you don’t know what discipline is.” ― Tariq Ramadan

The man who is speaking in this short-length documentary is Dr. Tariq Ramadan. Dr Tariq Ramadan is a Professor of Oxford University and a man of intellect. I liked his several writings from his website. Here is the Biography of Dr Ramadan. His presentation and philosophical thoughts are just awesome!


Author: mahmud faisal

Yet another ephemeral human being...

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