Do You Remember

“Our life is a gift. A gift from Allah”. I heard the sentence from my brothers and sisters a lot in my life. But the realization comes on its own way in these days. I really feel the shiny and finest parts of life and at the same time the cruel and harsh essence of life. But above all, this is a life, once in a lifetime, once for a soul!

I am writing on this blog after more than 3 months. Just before last post in September, I never missed to post a blog at least once in a month during my 2 years of blogging. It clearly shows how changes I had to bring in my lifestyle, in my thoughts of life. I’m not going to explain those tough days because it will just bring the bad feelings in my heart again. I just wanna share that those days are over by the grace of Allah. Life is such, tough days, sweet days. Mixed with many many emotions and feelings. But out of them all, the essence of life is to remember the Almighty out of all bad and good moments as we have to go back to Him after our death, which is an inevitable part of a human life!

Well, why is this title of the blog post? There are REASONS behind. Not only one reason, many many reasons are there. I was disconnected from social networking for more than a month. I was active in facebook twitter and google plus as well by the way. But the little sad part is, nobody on this earth ever searched me to know what happened to me, I’m alive or not! It reminded me nobody actually cares me, nobody will care me ever though I depart from this earth. I am on my own!

Another reason is, DO YOU REMEMBER is a song by Phil Collins — one of my most favorite songs with hundreds of childhood memories. I love the lyrics of it. Reminds me of asking someone — ‘do you remember?’ which is romantic and imaginative, strong in emotion. Love is good until it is cast on anybody willingly. It’s an automatic process : instigated inside heart and runs within it — then there goes the power of love.

I know nobody actually remember me. I have made me to understand and to take to heart that nobody will ever remember me. I will not expect it in my life insha Allah. While we depend on others, while our happiness is on “OTHERS” hand, it is actually not a happy life, not a worthy life. May Allah bless me in this regard.

I am sharing the song and the lyric now. Here it goes:

We never talked about it
But I hear the blame was mine
I’d call you up to say I’m sorry
But I wouldn’t want to waste your time

‘Cos I love you, but I can’t take any more
There’s a look I can’t describe in your eyes
Yes we could try, like we tried before
When you kept on telling me those lies

Do you remember…

There seemed no way to make up
‘Cos it seemed your mind was set
And the way you looked it told me
It’s a look I know I’ll never forget

You could’ve come over to my side
You could’ve let me know
You could’ve tried to see the difference between us
But it seemed too far for you to go.

Do you remember…

Through all of my life
In spite of all the pain
You know people are funny sometimes
‘cos they just can’t wait
To get hurt again

Do you remember…

There are things we won’t recall
Feelings we’ll never find
It’s taken so long to see it
Cos we never seemed to have the time

There was always something more important to do
More important to say
But “I love you” wasn’t one of those things
And now it’s too late

Do you remember…


Author: mahmud faisal

Yet another ephemeral human being...

10 thoughts on “Do You Remember”

  1. Hi Mahmud! Please don’t feel down thinking nobody felt your absence. I’m sure it would happen to everyone. If I suddenly vanish from the virtual world, nobody would contact me either. That’s the reality. But we really can’t expect anyone to remember us. I guess if someone drops in once in a while to say hi, that’s appreciable. So, just chill and be glad for the people who stayed in touch when you were here. 🙂

    Take care and keep writing.

    1. Awww sis! I do not build this redundant emotions! Thanks God ! 🙂

      I wrote this post to share this mind-blowing favorite song by Phil Collins, I love the song from my childhood! I hope you like it too! 😀

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