Scribbles While September Almost Ends

This is the last day of the September. I could remember last year I wrote a post titled ‘Wake me up when september ends’ following a song of Greenday! September somwhow plays an important role in my thoughts — a role of shaking my whole existence.

I know this is not an important post. I am just writing on, I am here to just put my thoughts in words. I know days are going on and on. I can’t make the best use of anything. I know there are some purposes in life. Life consists few days and they keep on reducing. And I keep on being shocked ! Last day I found a nice quotation!

“Don’t depend too much on anyone in this world, because even your own shadow leaves you when you are in darkness!”
— [Ibn Taymiyyah]

Ibn Taymiyya’s rhetorics are really awesome! He told the real matter! We realy depend on so many things in life and that is an impediment of living! They often disappears! Life is such thing.

I wanna change the focus of thought. I wanna do the observation of my blog life. It is more than 2 years. I had a nice time in blogging. Thousands of readers, regular comments. But suddenly I lost the concentration. But that doesn’t mean I have involved me in better or ‘greater’ aspects of life. In retrospect, I can find a poor show! Though, it is true. It has purposes, it is real.

I can’t change the ‘ultimate’ destination of life. The ‘ultimate’ happenings have got a powerful reason that I can never deny. Probably it is said as destiny. I dunno. I have not been so powerful to comment on it. I am turning on being more superficial in ‘talks’ these days, though not in ‘thoughts’! I have been exploring some realities. Finding lots of flaws in me, in my thoughts, in my living style, in my behaviors. And I need to change them. This is tough. I need a reformation.

This is a poor blog post. But probably a poor thing has a better possibility of being rich in future, a rich one doesn’t have better aspirations! 😉

I wanna conclude today. I know it was the most wired post I have ever written. So what! I just needed to post something! So is it! 🙂


Author: mahmud faisal

Yet another ephemeral human being...

9 thoughts on “Scribbles While September Almost Ends”

  1. It is not weired and it doesn’t matter actually! Post is always a post – doesn’t matter what you write there. It always expresses your thought – like this one. So cheer up, and the blog alive. 🙂

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