Living In Nightmares Everyday

I am just in the office. This is not a high time to write a blog. But I am so deeply disturbed, pained and just mad for my life in a city that I am bound to sit down to pen few words; taking few times from my boss to cool me down. I am so immensely disgraced by my city life in Dhaka. I can’t believe we are still living on this city which is hectic and pathetic too!

Dhaka, is our city, the capital city of Bangladesh. More than 20 Million people live in this area of 360 square kilometers. Officially [according to Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics report] it is said that 7 Million people are living in this city, But I am sure, it is never less than 20 Million. Everyday the number is increasing. Dhaka is the example of the mono-centric urbanization (dunno whether this term really exist, I’m writing as I feel). Everything has been set up in this city. Loads of population, no planning, no initiative. This cannot work. This simply can’t go on this way!

Hectic life! I came out of home an hour before my office time. I know it takes only 35 minutes in holidays to cross this distance and it’s just about 5 kilometers! But Oh God! It took more than 2 hours to reach to my office and I am an hour late. If it were an tolerable temperature, I won’t be so scratched. Today I somehow managed to board on a bus holding the handle of the doors of it, it was scorching sun that was burning the skin. I was sweating like mad and on a certain moment I was thinking that I might die. I face this situation everyday. I know more than 3 hours of my daily life is passed without any productivity; which is completely wastage. This is of no worth living. I feel serious pity for the city dwellers along with me. The life is not worth here. I dunno how long it will go like this. This nightmare can’t go for the rest of my life, our lives. Better this civilization be destroyed.

I believe this is all about excessive traffic in the office time. But again, if you are a responsible, you need to think on it. The leaders of my country are never bothered about the heck of living in this city. They are far more concerned about political issues and speaking so big and doing nothing. In my short tenure of memories from childhood, I haven’t observed any bigger and effective urbanization planning. But I sincerely believe that in this whole world if there is any kind of BIG BIG urban planning, they should go under research for the Dhaka city, where mankind is horrified, tired and crying in utmost suffering…

I was born in a “Third World” country, I have no hand on it, on my birth! I know I have never wasted any moments of life till I was 19. I had dreams, I had plans for me, my family, my society, my Earth. But, I am deprived of thousands of opportunities of life. I could have used my time in some productive works. I could have used my potentials in some other effective thoughts and measures on Earth. But I pass them in hanging on bus and listening to the rubbish low class slang words by people everyday. I find people give damn to the politicians helplessly while they are suffered. And yes, again they have nothing to do. This cannot go on like this. I may not live long, but what I predict, no civilization can go with such utmost sufferings. There are some other cities of the world, they have managed to cope with the population growth where I must mention the name of China. There are plenty. But we have the administration who are thousand times bothered to work on the opposition party while they rule instead of doing for planning and works. No effective long term planning has been observed in last 20 years. No thinking for the people! How is this going! I just can’t believe the corruptions! It has just galloped every little inches of people’s heart.

I know what I feel. Oh God, I just wonder what is waiting in the end of this city life. I can’t imagine what might happen after 5 years! It will be unlivable city. Last week, the Flyover built in Khilgaon has been damaged. It was of 5 or 6 years only! (can’t be specific in info). Here is the news link from This is not only the structural damage — it resembles the damage of a nation, the corruption has devoured the whole thing, the whole system. The flyover was planned and budgeted nicely, but there were people of no ethics– who have lost their values, be it social or religious values. There exist no fear of God! Most of the responsible have lost the thought of Hereafter, where they will have to stand before the court of Almighty.

But yes! There are still some fresh hearts. Some people are there who are continuously trying for the betterment. They are the real gem on this earth. I take my hats-off for those Great-Hearts. I salute those people who are really showing their consistency to the ethics, values, honesty and fear of God. They are the true friend for the humanity. As they are there in the society, the whole system is not being destroyed. Otherwise, I don’t believe such a system could go anyway!

I know I am living in nightmare, we do! I fear it will never end. But yet I do hope, I do pray to my God for changes of heart in people. Dealing with huge population is tough, but if you ever had the devotion, concentration and planning to deal with the problems or the issues, you must have found some ways to it. May Allah bless the people of Dhaka and the people of Bangladesh as well. The temperature and extreme hot is the symbol of global warming I feel. The madness by the climate is showing it’s power for last many years. I dunno how worse it will be. These serious issues should be thought and taken steps world-wide. This is the question of our existence on earth. This is the responsibility of us for our next generation.

If we do not take necessary actions right now, our next generation will definitely curse us. Wish our hearts be changed, wish someday the people of our country and this earth will feel what they actually should do for a better co-living. May we keep our smiles until our death. It has become more than 1075 words and I am still going on. If this could reflect how much concerned I am! But I should stop now. half an hour is a long break. Thanks for reading this painful writing written by a pained heart after painful time. Have a nice day!


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