The Heck of Load-shedding

With my growing up, I came to realize, I live in a city of Crowd. I live in a world of human beings… Nobody who haven’t lived in Dhaka, can never think of life. As I got birth in such a ‘Developing country”, I had no contribution in it. All I get from my lifestyle in such a city, I consider them as gift.

The most interesting part of my urban life is, crowd everywhere. While in the morning I started 2 hours before my office time to cross only 5 kilometers, I found it was not enough!! I discovered hundreds of people are standing on the crossings of roads to board on to a transport but couldn’t manage!

Luckily, I found a bus to ‘hang’ inside after 50 minutes and reached office being scratched. It took 2 hours perfectly! Right now, its 2 hours over from my office time and I am still in office. This is for some other reason. I have wrapped up my works for the next two off days. I made myself calm and opened the editor of WP to write few words. I am taking this opportunity because I know writing a post from my home at night is simply impossible. I rarely have seen that I returned back my home at night and there is electricity on! I find it dark all around, few shops are generator-powered. I buy a candle from shops then use it in ”home-time”. The power will come back and I will take my dinner. And after that, I will manage times to surf internet. Right at that moment, the power will be cut!

a common scenario in the city of Dhaka

The life is awful..I simply can’t imagine what will be the future of my country… our urban life.. our city life… Government is trying to cope with it, but I don’t think they have the capability to meet the requirements. I feel our world itself is heading toward nowhere… What we are suffering, the ”developed” countries will face in very near future… I don’t know how this could be managed!

I can’t expect anything better in future days…. Population is increasing. Power consumption is increasing… but power-production? The nights in the summer are really nightmares… the days are coming. no fans, no lights, humidity, temperature around 35 degrees…

Allah! no way other than calling your names! Just a prayer to you– “save us”! šŸ™‚

Photo courtesy: meghduut


Author: mahmud faisal

Yet another ephemeral human being...

4 thoughts on “The Heck of Load-shedding”

  1. Can’t say government doesn’t have the capability because deep in the truth they aren’t paying topmost efforts in it. Oh yes, they are putting topmost showoff words in it, though.

  2. 1.

    Actually, to be frankly… government doesn’t give a damn look about Bangladesh. But to be honest, I really don’t see any fault of our government (both in present & past) for this. They are/were just a bunch of shrewd illiterate cads. They see/saw our country as a gold-mine. “Take the gold as much as you can and fill the pockets” – that’s their motto. They don’t care about the country – it’s more obvious. They don’t have any feelings for the country. How can I expect at least ‘something’ from those? So it is not their fault.

    The fault is ours. We elect those filthy ungallant persons as our leader, to lead us! That’s the fault with us!


    What many people don’t understand is – we need to take part in building our country. No body will do that for us. Till now, I believe I have absolutely ‘NO’ contribution to my country at all. It shouldn’t be that way. I, myself really feel to do something for my country. I don’t know how can I do that, what I know is I HAVE TO do ‘something’. And this is the time to do that ‘something’. Though I haven’t figure that out yet but hope that I can figure that out soon!

    1. Tanim bhaia, I took a long time to reply this comment šŸ˜€ …Actually I took preparation. You said the DAMN TRUE facts.

      Really our government has no fault! What is happening is we deserve that [I believe]. We are like that! When the corruption will go from the bottom, from the hearts of the people of Bangladesh, they will elect (at least will try) good Leaders to lead the country from the front. We need to be changed from the bottom, from the deep inside the nation.

      We really didn’t contribute anything to the country. But we need to do that in taking part of many social activities, looking toward the personal development as well as taking ourselves to bring something for the country.

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