These Days With New Lifestyle

I haven’t written anything in my blog since a month. Due to laziness, pressure of works and else I have turned to something different than what I was. I haven’t intended to be so, or never thought of being such dormant in blogs. I know very clearly, blogging is my passion. Blogging is something that gives me pleasure out of thousand works around me. I am not talking about being a blogaholic, but I want to say that there are slightest efforts around us in our lives that gives pleasure, keeps us elated. The pleasure that doesn’t create problems to others in anyway. I would try to dissect the matter some other day I hope…

I have joined in a new job. This is Advanced Data Networks System Limited, ADN in short. A really big company with several sister concerns with it where a few hundreds of employees are working together. Very busy time from 9 am to 6 pm. Being a Software Engineer, I lost my time span. I am assigned to a new project to develop soon. And I almost live 11 to 12 hours daily in my office to accomplish the work ASAP! Anyways, the better part for my life is, I got increase in my salary here which i almost double of my previous one. My career is just started, so I am trying to keep concentration to my works — programming, designing my logic and documenting them perfectly. As there is no well-structured ‘Software Engineering’ department in ADN, so I have to take responsibilities to work the best of myself in planning and designing of the system.

Though days are too tough. I am enjoying my busy life. Being busy is good as no silly sad and usual depressions can take place in life. Being a believer in Allah, I keep my heart content and calm praying to Him several times a day. Family is not creating any sort of pressure on me, so I am more concentrated to what I am doing…. overall, I am in peace AlhamduliLlah… All praises be to Allah.

World Cup Cricket is going on in the subcontinent. Bangladesh is the host of this tournament. Whole country has taken a festive look — banners, festoons, lighting… The most important thing is, the enthusiasm of the spectators.. They are awesome! Last night, Bangladesh defeated the England in a breathtaking match.. The whole country burst out with joy….

Sweet moments are the powers of life to go forward. But obviously, there is bad times in everyone’s life. I know I have to keep it in mind. Japan faced 8.9 scaled earthquake yesterday. Thousands of people died… It was really pathetic. I don’t know how they will recover it. May Allah, The most Merciful bless them.

The post has already been a big one than usual. I should come to an end. I hope I will find sometime for reading other blogs and to write in here too. I miss my old blog buddies who were beside me once and inspired me while I was passing a bad time in my university days.

I have been a little regular to twitter these days. No time for blogs? so what, why to stop the expressions? there is twitter! 😀 LOL… but I am really doing this thing.

Wishing good days for everybody in future, along with meee! 🙂


Author: mahmud faisal

Yet another ephemeral human being...

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