Tunnel of No Lights

I knew I would have a journey.
So I took preparations
And courage for the voyage.

I stepped into the pathways
Slowly and steadily,
Keeping dreams and hopes in heart.

It was a tunnel on the way
With no alternatives.
I entered hoping it to be short.

To my dismay
The Tunnel was long
With sharp twists and turns.

It was deep dark
And I kept on moving
I knew I have to!

I was mad for lights
I tried to be optimistic
But I was tired and hopeless!

Though I kept on moving forward
In search of lights
For the touch of a little hope!

And still I am walking on and on
Thorugh the darkness
In thy kingdom of no hopes!

….(07 January, 2010)….

This one is for Thursday Poets Rally week 40..
Let me know your thoughts on this…
Keep Blogging..!! Keep Rallying..!! ๐Ÿ˜€


Author: mahmud faisal

Yet another ephemeral human being...

24 thoughts on “Tunnel of No Lights”

  1. It’s a beautifully expressed poem, I feel this way too…the tunnel does have an end to it…just a way bit to go..darkness can’t blind us if we can keep our hope and gaol in sight…Awesome.

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