When I Wait to Write

It is more than a year since I started blogging on this ‘Lights and Shadows’. I started with reading some gorgeous and beautiful blogs posts of few bloggers. Lately I started writing. As I’m novice in writing, often I feel hesitated to write. But I know, there is no boundaries for me from the blog-buddies as they have cheered me up several times to write whatever I wish.

This is really an enchanting part from the co-bloggers–while you are not hesitating rather enthusiastic to express your views, it will certainly improve the quality of your write-ups. Though, I am irregular in posting new posts. I am not that ‘too’ busy out of my new job that I have to take more that 10 days to post something! But the problem is in my ‘mind’. I keep on waiting to have a ‘perfect’ topic to write…. as a result, nothing comes out of this vacuum head.

Today I am taking a decision to disturb my readers πŸ˜€
I will be writing on whatever I want and even with a very silly matter. This is just to break the barrier inside me so that I can sit for writing whenever there is something to say or to share about, let alone this is silly or big.

Yesterday, it was a sweet date. Full of Binary digits πŸ˜›


Loved to feel that all the one and zero combination in date will come again after hundred years. Certainly none of us will exist then.. May be our writings will be then, may be not…. Because I feel that our civilization will be destroyed before that. We will be like the Sumerian, Babylonian in the history…..

Time will go away removing our deeds from his history log, keeping very few…..


Author: mahmud faisal

Yet another ephemeral human being...

12 thoughts on “When I Wait to Write”

  1. haha. πŸ™‚ nice word “binary” it totally describes 101010! hehe. loved it.

    And it doesn’t matter if the topic is perfect or not. The significant thing is that one should write about the emotions (even if they be lame) on their blogs. Just like diary writing maybe. πŸ™‚

    Wordsworth would say that even the commonest of all things can aspire words too profound for tears. πŸ™‚

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