A Hope to Come Back

It has been so long since I was really responsive in blogging. Couldn’t recollect the date when I regularly read blogs and commented over there. My last days in university is already more than two months. The tough days in thesis work kept me away from regular blogging. Since then, (now I guess this is almost four months!!) I am not really responding in other blogs I follow. Eventually, the number visitors in my blog has gone down to a poor number!! You know, which is pathetic for a blogger …. 😦

After that time, I completed my thesis, completed collecting my graduation papers (certificates and grade sheets) and farewell to my university life, dormitory life… Though I posted some blogs in the mean time, but those were not too spontaneous from my part.

For last two months, I am in my new job, joined as ‘Junior Software Engineer’ in a company. As I am slow in settling myself perfectly to new situations, it took time to be like ‘me’ in all my arenas like expressions, communicating with friends and relatives, daily routines….. And I wish, I am back again!

This is just a scribble with hopes that I will be regular again in expressing myself. I hope I will go to the blogs I follow, read them and would leave my comments there.

At last, I would like to tell you that I am glad to find a blog buddy Lopa, whose blog is an awesome one and she is one of the very few ‘regular’ blogger from my country–Bangladesh. :mrgreen:


Author: mahmud faisal

Yet another ephemeral human being...

12 thoughts on “A Hope to Come Back”

  1. Oh My God! Did you just mention me? Thanks buddy! Got a pathetic exam tomorrow. This is just to say thanks. Will be back to comment here from tomorrow! Take care!

  2. It’s same at my end too. I hardly manage to read blogs nowadays. It’s not that I’m too busy like you… It’s just not happening to me that I sit relaxingly to read. But getting you back with full throttle feels good. Want to hear your knock very frequently. And good luck for stepping into new chapter of life.

    Now I’m making my way to Lopa’s Blog to give her a quick visit.

    Best Wishes from me.

  3. I have read Lopa’s blog once or twice 🙂 good blogger. So how is your new job going ? How is the Software scenario in Bangladesh? How much scope is there?

    1. I’m going good… Software scenario and scopes? this is a big answer to go…
      This sector is safest one among all other options for the fresh graduates… but yet thousand miles to go to be ‘good’… 😦

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