Helpless Times

Writing after many days again…. And traditionally I am being the type of blogger who is irregular… I know, this is not the thing I wish to be! But I am having no other ways to do!
At the same time, it is not the fact that I am not having thoughts or opinions, or nothing to share with my blog buddies or the readers… Rather, many things are happening in my life, that are awaiting to be expressed through the words over here….

But I am in a problem…. I am now living at my home… Left my desktop in my university dormitory. So I am to come to the cyber cafe to write something!

My university is having crucial times.. the ‘nasty’ politics of my country has gripped even the university campuses… The furious supporters (students) of a political party had beaten up some students of another supporting side…. due to some very silly things….

I just had to stay few days there.. to submit my Thesis report finally to my supervisor (as thesis is done successfully already)

I am being precise to explain the fact, coz I feel shy to expose these ‘shameful’ situation of my alma-mater… of my country as well…
I wish I could tell all the things I am feeling inside now! But can’t…

I just know that the ‘stupid’ behavior we have, the nasty works we do as opposing anything in political– is the most stupidity in world.. smashing away glasses of the roadside shops, burning tires of cars of ‘civil’ people…..

I hate it.. I hate the learning of our ‘British colonialism’ time, the nasty politics they made in here long 200 years!! Breaking away things and paining the ‘general people’ as the outburst of ‘revolution and protests’. I hate the damn shameful ‘game’ that are played by ‘powers’ to exploit the ‘little country’… May be I can understand the things…. may be not…. but I know, nothing can be done… all is a game… everything around is in a playground…..

Just waiting and waiting… for the notice of ‘opening up’ the campus.. The ‘waiting’ thing is really painful. 😦

Don’t know when will we improve! I wish to cry out loud in the agony of ‘helplessness’…..


Author: mahmud faisal

Yet another ephemeral human being...

6 thoughts on “Helpless Times”

  1. Sigh! too bad….we are , as countries, just divided by borders but the political situation is same everywhere. Few people are taking advantage of the differences among people and people are blind!! hope situation improves. take care!

    1. Sis… we can just hope for the better times…

      But I don’t think India and our political situation is the same… Our university campus are just polluted with the massive influence of the central politics…..
      and this is extreme that students are even being killed by one another for political approaches…. while death is easier, how can we dream!!

      thanks for the comment

  2. First of all, Blogging breaks are more harmful. Good thing is that you are not having one. and your passion for blogging is admirable. I also managed 3 blogs once. but now due to the forum i recently started, i dont find much time for blogging… consumes much time 😦

    Secondly, i know exactly what you mean by politics in campus. it is not any different in our university too. but the good thing is, recently the political disturbances in our university has reduced a bit.

    best wishes

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    1. Irtiza vai.. it has been so tough for me to go with so many blogs… especially in Bangla and English at the same time… I can’t being regular in none of them.. which is not good in blogging….

      thanks by the way for dropping by.
      take care 🙂

    2. One more thing– I just can’t support your comment that recently the political disturbances in our university has reduced a bit.

      rather, this is being extreme… all the universities are going through “vacation for an indefinite time” 😯
      ……. so??

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