The Warriors: Young Kids In Admission Exam

I think I should share an experience of my life. This might make you to feel something.

The other day, I was walking down the street near my home. Suddenly I heard a lady’s voice,
“I don’t know how would you manage your stupid child, but I am exhausted. She mistook ‘ three make sentences and meanings’ that I practiced her! I will make her straight with my sticks today…”.

I looked back and saw her… the lady was returning home with her husband and the child (called stupid by her mom) from a coaching center for the admission of class 1. 😯 The coaching center is near my home on that street. I was embarrassed with the words of ‘Mom’ to her child…

I was even more shocked while heard the Dad to say,
“Hmm… you are right. she is not concentrating in studies and her attention is more in playing. I will see her today…. Lets go first….”

I couldn’t believe my ears! Do the conversation is regarding a kid of 5 years!! 😦

I stared at the kid. She had spectacles … gloomy face… clearly in trap with the hard handling of her parents and surely repented for her “big faults” of mistaking ‘3 word meanings’ 🙄

Is has been a common scenario in our country. In Bangladesh, there are many many newly rich families who have enough money and they need their child to admit in renowned schools for their social status! This desire of admitting their child to renowned famous schools are inspired to maintain the ‘status’ in their society… 🙄

Unfortunately, the population is so huge and there are very few renowned and famous schools. For admission in class 1, and these schools don’t admit student up to class 10! This things make the competition more hectic!
So far I could remember, last year for each seat, 25 girl kids competed in admission of ‘Viqarunnisa Noon School’. Same things happen to “Ideal School and College”, “Saint Joseph Schools”, “Government Laboratory Schools” and few more!

Don’t know why ‘RACE of social status’ is affecting innocent young kids life…. don’t know when it would be stopped.. I feel pity because the scenario I told above is not only an incidents… this is a common scenario almost in each families…

I want to mention interesting proverbs which I collected from Reema. This morning I had seen her new post Raising Kids or Warriors and sat to write this post. I liked this portion as she said:

There goes a Hindi proverb:
पढ़ोगे लिखोगे बनोगे नवाब
खेलोगे कूदोगे होगे ख़राब

Studies will make your life, sports will mar it

A Bangla quote says –
লেখাপড়া করে যে
গাড়ি ঘোড়া চড়ে সে

One who studies rides cars and horse i.e. becomes rich.

An English proverb says –
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

This things clearly makes the opinions of western and our outlooks. Our kids are our next generation. We are to make them lively, intelligent, spontaneous in their creativity. There is no option for such pressures that would hinder their growth of thinking…

Sitting all day with books and being slapped by the parents could only make a child more inactive and dull. Few days back, national television was telecasting an advertisement SAY “YES” TO YOUR CHILD. I have my niece of 6 years. Once day she started requesting me for a chips and I told her,” Not today Mom, I shall give you tomorrow or any other day..”

She replied me,“Chachu (uncle), don’t you see television huh! You should tell “Yes” to kids. I am kid. so why are you telling me ‘No’?” 😯

I became so glad seeing her intelligence of requesting to uncle for a chips in place of crying or something like that… I kissed her and brought some special chips and chocolates that day…

Intelligence is a development. It can never be brought with pressure. All we are in family, never told to sit for studies by our parents. But we all have passed from very well-known schools and universities of our country. I can now understand that it is happened as my parents always taught us what to do… Somehow, the rest part was done by us…

God know, I believe in this thing and it’s a true-handling for the children. But sometimes I fear– what is waiting to and from our future generation? 😯 I feel pain whenever I think of it…. A deep sigh comes out from me! 😦

Credit: This post is inspired by the Raising Kids or Warriors of my blogging guru Reema.


Author: mahmud faisal

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25 thoughts on “The Warriors: Young Kids In Admission Exam”

  1. A pat on ur back for writing abt this topic Mahmud! Mature n intelligent thoughts! Its really sad to see that parents get their kids admitted to schools depending on social status and many kids even miss the golden childhood days as they are pressurized and made to think studies and rather getting marks is all that matters 😦

    Nice to know abt ur smart niece 😉 Hugs to her 🙂

    1. Thanks Swaram…
      childhood days are really golden days… we shouldn’t ruin those days of our kids.. 😦

      Niece is really smart.. she has being more smarter day by day… 🙂
      I would mention ur feeling to her later when I would return to my home from university dorms 🙂

  2. Hugs to your neice 🙂 ..

    Very apt…its true that parents make their children as social symbol and always try or force them to achieve what they could not achieve in their own lives…which is not at all fair to kids..

    they have their own identity and likings…they shd not be pressurised for anything..

  3. Great post Mahmud. I will have to check out Reema’s post now.

    Saying “YES” is very important. I think it is heavily undermined in some cultures, where parents maintain a strict control over their children. I sometimes have a hard time disciplining my children; trying to not cross the fine line between restriction and guidance.

    1. trying to not cross the fine line between restriction and guidance.

      this is a lucky child of course.. this handling of a child mostly depend on parents especially a mom….
      hope your child will be a great one day……

      thanks 🙂

  4. Excellent post Mamud.
    You’ve raised voice against an important issue affecting the lives of countless innocent children.
    Forced to excel in the studies kids are forced to give up participation in any kind of sports or cultural activities which are mandatory for their healthy growth and all-round development.

    It’s important we let kids enjoy life like kids and not stress them under the burden of our over-expectations.

    Thank you Mahmud for the wonderful comment you left on my blog.

    Keep up the good work.


    1. Thank you CB.. I liked your these lines:

      It’s important we let kids enjoy life like kids and not stress them under the burden of our over-expectations.

      we really need to understand their age and thinking pattern as we all have crossed that age…

      My pleasure that you liked my comment 😀
      keep blogging and let’s do it together…. enjoy! 😀

  5. Chachaaaaaaaa…. kudos in writing this!!! 😀

    These days parents expect too much from their child, infact much beyond the capacity of the kid. Nothing but desire to excel than one’s sibling’s kids, or colleague’s kids or neighbor’s kid… sheeeshhh….

    I remember once at a rehearsal camp, the kid didn’t perform properly, his dad comes and slaps him! I was too shocked to respond!!! Minutes after, a girl’s mom pinches her real hard. Seeing this, I was totally pissed off that I went over to the girl’s mom and gave her a piece of my mind without looking left or right that too in front of my parents! She then lowered head ashamed!!!

    1. Chachaaa…. lolz 😀

      There are some parents indeed! they were sense-less in their life… and keep it continuing while behave with the child….

      pity! 😦 hope one day all the parents will understand what they should do with the child….

      we can pray and motivate as much as possible, isn’t? 🙂

  6. And these days there are hospitals which claim to help create children who are genetically perfect!! coaching classes hillarious!

    I still remember my bro’s LKG admission interview… there was a small play house inside the room, our little guy went in played with the toys for a few minutes, picked up the pen stand from the table, rearranged the pens in the order of the colour, spotted the bad ones, kept them aside and gave the rest back to one of interviewers when he was done. Psychological approach.

    A child’s intelligence and interests can be gauged by so many methods other than giving tests! high time the school authorities understand otherwise shut shop instead of giving trauma to the little ones…


    1. Very important opinions…. I liked all your views Pinash…
      Thank you 🙂

      A child’s intelligence and interests can be gauged by so many methods other than giving tests! high time the school authorities understand otherwise shut shop instead of giving trauma to the little ones…

      very nice expression.. I exactly feel the same you do.

  7. Good post.. Though i would say that we should give freedom to kids to ahve their own choices,i don’t know how far can i keep that word for myself..every parent is selfish…

    1. every parent is selfish…

      hmm…. something to think about! but really such pressure makes harm to the child, isn’t it? hampering their psychology can never bring good to us!

      Thanks for comment Nimmy 🙂
      you are such a busy blogger!

  8. yo,,
    your way right maaan
    this iz crazy
    all ma cousins have the same fate
    their routine is
    HOME (six seconds of rest)
    then HOME TUTOR
    AND IF

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