Teknaf Road

What I could remember, It was the month of october in 2003 when I had a tour to Cox’s Bazar and Teknaf. I was in class Eleven and the tour was the ‘excursion’ for our batch!

I took some snaps while we were going to the Technaf from the cox’s bazar. It was an exciting road indeed! The narrow road through the hills, canals….

I took all the photos using my “non-digital” camera!! 😦
That’s why they are not that attractive as it should be. The roads can make anybody nostalgic. The famous song was just going inside my head:

Country road, take me home,
Country road…

way to tecnaf 5

The river in the photo is the “Naaf”, which flows from the Bangladesh to Mayanmar. This river is treated as the intermediate river between the two countries.

on way to tecnaf 4

The hills that are visible at the distant horizon are the hills of Mayanmar. I took the picture from the windows of the bus. I was so amazed with the beauty of the hills on the other side of the river.

way to tecnaf 8

The beautiful Technaf road spell bounded me with the beauty for green nature, blue river water and the gray hills at the same frame. I again put my heads and hands holding camera out of the window and took this snap!

way to tecnaf 6

The boats are placed at the bank of the river. These boats are used by the fishermen in different times. You can also see the Mayanmar hills at the other side of the river.

At the end, I wish to share a pain of my heart. All the bigger hills are seen from the border of my country. The ridiculous border division in different times has made our lot such pathetic. In 1947, British government has deprived the nation of the land in many ways.

After 60 years, I could just take a deep sigh…that follows my pains of heart! 😦


Author: mahmud faisal

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9 thoughts on “Teknaf Road”

  1. Hello
    a small mark at the time of my passage on your very beautiful blog!
    thanks for making us share your moments
    you have a translation of my English space!
    cordially from France
    -:¦:- ~ Chris ~ -:¦:-

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