Bond of Love

he is still there with her bond of love
In my heart, soul and mind.
She was there when I needed, when I didn’t…

She was all of me…
My inspiration to live, source of eternal search
For success, pursuing all dreams
All sprinkles around me, vibrant.

But in a lonely, quiet moment
Remembrance finds its way to me, nostalgia…
Colorful, passionate; some precious quakes and
Tremors in the heart and mind.

She was there with me, my friend forever,
Best company, gone from my life,
My world, living world, to the heaven-
A year ago, on this very day.

She is here, in the graveyard, amidst bushes.
Lonely, happily lying in heavenly pleasure.
Leaving me helpless!

She is still in my heart….
With her bond of love.

This poem was written when I was in class Eleven. It was published in my College Annual Magazine


Author: mahmud faisal

Yet another ephemeral human being...

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